Dr. Julia is the founder of MyAssociates Consulting LLP.  She received her Master Degree of Medicine in Clinical Pharmacology from Shanghai Medical Faculty, Fudan University, China in 1993 and Master of Science in Pharmacology from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2001. Being trained as a medical doctor and a pharmacologist in both experimental and clinical pharmacology, she has gained sound knowledge in health product development and evaluation.

In 2007, Julia was awarded the Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA) by University of Ballarat, Australia. With this business management knowledge, she gained better understanding on the business process and needs, especially from the scientific and regulatory perspectives.

In 2015, Julia further obtained the Regulatory Affairs Certificate (RAC, global), which covers knowledge and critical thinking skills relating to the international practice of regulatory affairs, with special attention paid to global standards from ICH, GHTF (through IMDRF), WHO and ISO, for all kinds of health product category, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and nutritional products.

With her medical, scientific and regulatory education background, she has been working in health product industry as a scientific and regulatory professional for more than 10 years. In 2012, she joined the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore and worked as the Regulatory Consultant and Acting Deputy Director for the Complementary Health Product Branch (CHPB).

During her professional work in the health product industry and with HSA for more than 15 years,  she has nurtured her passion in scientific and regulatory field,  and gained great insights of government thinking for regulating health products. She has been recognized as a scientific and regulatory expert and key opinion leader (KOL) in health products, such as herbal medicines, nutritional products, cosmetic products and functional food, etc. This empowers her to influence regulatory decision proactively for the companies, trade associations and regulatory agencies. Meanwhile, along her 15 years of working path, she has established a wide network with industry associations and government  agencies.

Currently, she is appointed officially as a Member of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) by Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore. She is also actively involved in the activities of local and international industry associates, such   as Health Supplement Industry Association Singapore (HSIAS), China Nutrition and Health Food Association (CNHFA), Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrances Association Singapore (CTFAS),   etc.

With her sound knowledge and experiences mentioned above, she is committed to help small medium enterprises (SMEs) and multi-national companies (MNCs) to overcome regulatory challenges, which ensures regulatory compliance for the business continuity and reduces the costs for product development and the business itself, thus to enhance the competencies of our customers in maximizing their business efficiency.